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Monday, March 11, 2013

90's Throw Back

Good afternoon to all! So, I was playing around on Polyvore at work (typical me) and remembered going through some old pictures of myself and my family back in the 90's.

I have to sit back and laugh, especially at some of my Mom and Dad's outfit choices! But then I think to myself, "Your kids will be laughing at the outfits your wearing right now one day". Fashion is so unpredictable and changes every day. Looking back on those pictures, I would say my family was pretty stylin' for that whole decade.

So, in honor of the 90's, I made a whole fashion set dedicated to what I would have worn had I of been older or what I actually did wear! Enjoy! :)


River Island high-waisted jean shorts
$38 -

Keds wedge shoes

Beauty product
$7.44 -

Acid Wash Jeans
Ok, I know for a fact that my parents threw me in a couple pairs of acid washed jeans (black and baby blue I believe) I never had a pair of cropped shorts (obviously) but I can remember EVERYONE wearing these and the regular jeans, especially the ones with the cinched waist and ankles (I die just thinking about it ha ha ha) I would definitely consider these a hot 90's trend!

Tanks/ Crop Tops/ Racer-Backs
This trend in particular reminds me of my Dad. To this day he STILL wears racer-back tanks. Although the ones in the 90's generally had some type of graphic print on them (such as the Nike one above) I can remember my Dad owning many NASCAR, restaurant, and adult beverage tanks. Thank God he's toned it down to plain Hanes 5-pack bundles now! Just kidding, I liked your graphic tanks, Dad ;)

Fanny Packs
God forbid you spot someone with a Fanny Pack now days! I think that's one trend, for the most part, that has ceased to see the daylight since the 90's ended. But seriously, they were so handy! I know anytime I was taken to Disney World, both my Mom and Dad strapped on those Fanny Packs! The pictures don't lie haha!

I would say Keds are still a comfortable trend these days. However, probably not the traditional white color I remember. I honestly don't know if I ever wore a pair of Keds but I can vividly remember my friends and other people wearing them with jumpers especially!

Other Fun Stuff
Lip Smackers: Ask any kid and they can tell you at least one flavor of Lip Smackers chap stick they owned. Heck, my Mom had a few! My personal favorite was the Dr. Pepper one! Talk about the most delicious chap stick! I loved them!

Trolls: Ok let's be honest, I never wore Troll earrings because I never got my ears pierced. But I did own some of the cute little boogers and I loved them! How soft was their hair?! They didn't do a dang thing but their hair was just so entertaining it didnt matter. I couldn't leave out the trolls!

Lisa Frank: Folders, stickers, back packs, pencils, paper....Lisa Frank was the designer of my generation. Every single thing she made, I had to have. I'm sure everything my parents owned was dotted up with unicorn and pony stickers from Lisa Frank. How could you not love all of her rainbow designs and lovable creatures!?

That's it for today's post! I hope you got a good laugh from it! Let me know what your favorite thing about the 90's was!
Until next time....
Love, Shelbey

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