Love, Shelbey: New Hair: RED RED RED!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Hair: RED RED RED!

So I finally had time to dye my hair the sassy red color I've been wanting for SO long. I had it dyed last week and I am so in love! Many people have asked the exact color but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to help you out considering my stylist used about 5 red colors in the mix :( However, I will post the photo I used as inspiration! Hope you guys like it!

The Inspiration
Photo Courtesy of
So, if you think you may be interested in this daring red color, then this is the photo to show your stylist! I found this picture of Shailene Woodley on Pinterest days before my appointment and knew it was exactly what I wanted. Is it not gorgeous?!

Before and After
As you can see, I had a lot of golden/warm undertones in my hair before. My stylist said she mixed about 5 different reds together to achieve this color! 

This photo was taken about 30 minutes after being dyed (sorry for the bad quality, my iPhone was the only camera handy). I love how rich and vibrant the color turned out! When it comes to my hair, I'm not very picky which leads me to experiment with multiple colors (I never stick with the same hair color). She also ombred the ends a tad can really only see that in person though.

After Washing
Obviously after a wash or two, the color isn't as vibrant. So if you're considering going red but don't want to be as adventurous, this photo may also give you some inspiration!

I hope you guys enjoyed the updated hair color post! Maybe I gave you some inspiration? :)
 Feel free to let me know what you think!

Love, Shelbey.


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