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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Julep Maven Box

This month's box theme was "Get on the A-List". The concept revolved around classic actresses which were represented by the polish colors this month!

The actress choices of my box (American Beauty Box) were Sally Fields and Joan Crawford. As you can see, Julep also threw in some cute chocolate hearts to get in the spirit for Valentine's Day!


Sally is a beautiful buttery yellow color (it's on my nails in the photo above). The finish is creme and it is very opaque. After two coats, the color almost appears as a pastel yellow. Perfect for spring.

Joan is a nice magenta/deep purple with shimmer. The color is very unique!

Freedom Polymer Top Coat
This little guy is Julep's "gel-like" top coat. It is supposed to have the same lasting properties as a gel polish or gel nails. I wore it with "Sally" and unfortunately my polish only lasted 2 days before chipping. It could have possibly been the thickness of the creme polish so I'm going to give it another try with one of my go-to polish choices!

Oxygen Nail Treatment
The Oxygen Nail Treatment is a pale pink nail strengthener. Julep says it is a "revolutionary treatment for thin, weak nails prone to breakage and peeling". It has a pale pink tint which you are supposed to wear on bare nails. Within four weeks your nails are supposed to be conditioned and reconstructed. We'll see!

Eye Lash Curler
 Isn't this thing the cutest?! This eye lash curler isn't your standard contraption. Instead of having two handles to curl with, you have one small lever in the back of the curler which pushes the lash pad up. It's very similar to the Laura Mercier lash curler. I loved it!

That's it for this months box! Overall, I absolutely loved the products this month. It was definitely more than what I was expecting to receive! 

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Thanks so much for reading!
Love, Shelbey.

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