Love, Shelbey: December 2012 Ipsy/My Glam Bag

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 2012 Ipsy/My Glam Bag

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to share this post with you because I FINALLY bought the Canon Rebel T3i! The quality is amazing and made each product look fabulous. I have been dying to bring my followers better quality videos/images and I finally broke down and just bought the dang thing! Hope you enjoy!

December 2012 Ipsy Bag
I have been a member of Ipsy for 2 months now. I previously considered subscribing to their services last December when the company was My Glam and had just started. However, after seeing many of my favorite and trusted YouTube members talk about the same negative feedback/drama, I decided to hold off. 

I am happy to say that within the past 4 to 5 five months, I've seen nothing but great reviews on this company. I decided to give it a shot last month (November) and I was so pleased with the products I received. I wanted to make sure this would be a continuous subscription company I would stay subscribed to before I did any reviews! All I can say is, keep up the great work Ipsy!

Brief Run-Down:
-Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you 5-6 beauty and skincare products.
-$10 a month
-Cancel at any time

"be a...Bombshell" Lipgloss
I am a huge fan of any red lip color. Ipsy sent a full size of the "be a...Bombshell" lipgloss in "Hot Mess" this month. It's a nice medium between sheer and opaque, it definitely packs a punch of color! This lipgloss already pays for the entire $10 I spend on the box which I think is amazing! Not only do you get to try a product out, but you get the full size! "Hot Mess" lipgloss retails for $14 dollars. 

NYX "Ultra Pearl Mania"
 NYX is one of my favorite makeup brands to play and experiment with. The quality of their products are amazing for the price so I was definitely excited to see a full size "Ultra Pearl Mania" loose pigment in my bag! This eye shadow is so pretty and perfect for the holidays! The color I received was "Sky Pink Pearl. NYX's "Ultra Pearl Mania" retails for around $3. That means the Ipsy bag value is already up to $17!?

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Liner
Throwing any Urban Decay product into the bag this month would have made me happy, simply because I know all of their products are amazing quality and also worth a good amount of money. I absolutely love the 24/7 liners...they are so creamy and stay on the eyes all day. The color in this month's bag is "zero" (a rich black). The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Liners retail for $19!? The liner in the Ipsy bag is slightly smaller than an original but not by much! (original=0.4 US oz./Ipsy=0.3 US oz.) This is why I have been loving Ipsy. They really take the time to find awesome full size/extremely close to full size products!

Mirabella Face and Eye Primer
I have never tried Mirabella products. However, I do know they are highly affiliated with Ipsy. I havent tried the actual primer on my face yet. I did squeeze a small amount out to feel of the texture. It was a very runny consistency but did have a smoothing effect! I also read that this is a paraben free product which is always welcomed in my book. Mirabella Face Prime retails for $29 and Ipsy did provide the full size!

Mai Highlighting Papier
 Ok, I have totally heard of the Mai Couture "Blush in a Rush" blushing papers but I have never seen the highlighting papers! These are little sheets that contain highlighting powder in them. You can take these on the go or just use on a daily basis. This concept is rather odd but still intriguing to me. The highlighting paper actually looks really gorgeous. I can't wait to try it out! Mai Couture Highlighter Papier retails for $28 which is way over priced in my opinion. After all, it's just paper! However, Ipsy did include a full pack of these shimmery guys so I'm not complaining! 

December Ipsy Bag Value:
-Be a Bombshell Lipgloss- $14
-NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigment- $3
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eye liner- $19 (a little less since it was 1g smaller than original)
-Mirabella Face and Eye Prime- $29
-Mai Couture Highlighter Papier- $28

Overall Bag Value: About $93

With that being said, I will say a couple products are probably not worth their true value but the company names the price and we just pay for it! ha!

Overall, this month's bag was awesome. I loved the full size products and the value was definitely there! I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I will leave a link down below so you can join Ipsy yourself!

Thanks so much for reading!
Have a lovely day.

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