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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LATE September Birch Box

Hi everyone! I just got my September Birch Box yesterday (Oct. 1st). Late? Yeah I know. I wanted to share with you the items I received. I noticed that mine was slightly different from a lot of people I watched on YouTube. Hope you Enjoy!

Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids 
Ok, so I will admit it....I wasn't the happiest person to see band-aids in one of my beauty boxes. However, I will say that I am currently out of them and I suppose it's nice to have some laying around (trendy ones at that). The band-aids were the first thing I noticed in the box considering they were the largest item in the box. I think they were in between a hit and miss for me. Not thrilled to have them but not overly disappointed.

Benefit Cleanser and Face Polish Samples:

I jumped for joy when I saw a Benefit product in my box. I absolutely adore Benefit products and their skin care is something I have never tried. I received a deluxe sample of cleanser and also a facial "polish". I am assuming the polish is almost like a refiner and smooths out the skin more. I am definitely going to try these out. Skincare is one of my big concerns and topics, especially as a blogger. Brownie points for the Benefit sample!

Kate Spade "Twirl" Fragrance Sample:

I had been hearing a lot about this Kate Spade fragrance lately. Especially from earlier Birch Box videos. The scent is described as "floral and fruity"...really? All fragrances are described this way! The packaging for "Twirl" is phenomenal, I will say that. However, the smell is nothing special. Fruity and Floral explains it all. I do like that birch box includes fragrance samples in a lot of the boxes and they come in handy for little carry-alongs in the purse. However, I think I get so excited when my Birch Box comes that I forget you can get these for free :( Maybe a more DELUXE sample would really get me excited!

Color Club Nail Polish "Status Update":
I have never tried color club nail polish but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried "Status Update" on my nails last night. The formula was great and I haven't seen any signs of chipping yet. I don't believe this is a "full" size nail polish but it is big enough! I love the dark blue-ish grey undertone. Perfect for fall!

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm:
I tried this BB cream for the first time this morning and it is AMAZING! I absolutely love the coverage it gives and the light weight feel. Once again the sample size is NOT big enough....I want more more more!I have always heard great things about this BB cream but never tried it. I am now a believer. On days I go to class I like to wear little to no makeup. This BB cream gave me the perfect amount of coverage and was so moisturizing to my dry skin. I checked online for the retail price and a regular size bottle is $34. I am thinking I will definitely have to buy the full size bottle!

Madewell $25 "Coupon":

The Madewell card says it's a $25 "gift" card. However, you have to spend $75 to get the full $25 off. So, with that being said, I would consider that a coupon or voucher. I have never shopped at Madewell so I will consider using the coupon IF they have anything that is worth spending $75 dollars on.

I received one of the infamous twist-ties in my birch box. I didn't photograph it because I accidentally misplaced it in my bathroom. Can I just say it is basically a ribbon with elastic tied in a knot. The End.

Okay guys so that's it for this post! Overall I would say that Birch Box could have done a better job on September's products. Hopefully they can redeem themselves in October! Thanks for reading!

Have a lovely day.

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