Love, Shelbey: My Thoughts: Bare Minerals "Fairly Medium" Foundation

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Thoughts: Bare Minerals "Fairly Medium" Foundation

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a review on my new foundation shade I recently switched to. As you probably already know, I wear Bare Minerals foundation. The reason I wanted to do a review on this shade in particular is because it's not a very popular color.

I think it is safe to say I have worn every shade family Bare Minerals offer. Because I feel it would be hard to describe my foundation if you aren't familiar with BE's shade family I posted a guide below:

Bare Minerals has 3 different shade families:
"C"- "C" stands for "cool". This shade provides a pink/rosy undertone. 

"N"- "N" stands for "neutral". This shade has neither a pink or gold undertone. Perfect for counteracting redness.

"W"- "W" stands for "warm". This shade provides a golden to yellow undertone and also counteracts redness in the face.

NOW...time for the foundation review!

Fairly Medium (c20) Foundation:

Shade Family: Cool (pink undertones)
Skin Tone: Light to Fairly Medium Skin Tones

Fairly Medium was one of the few shades from BE that I had never tried. I have never been fond on Cool toned foundations just because I don't like the way the pink undertones work with my skin. However, after wearing "Light" (w15) foundation for months now, I decided it was time for a change. I have been used to golden undertones for such a long time I decided to give something else a shot, considering I will only be getting lighter as fall approaches. 
Medium to full coverage foundation look using "Fairly Medium".

My thoughts:
I was so shocked that I actually liked this foundation. Fairly Medium is probably the most rare foundation shade that we sell at the BE boutique I work at. I hardly ever matched women with this shade. I wanted to first mention that it does not have a noticeable pink undertone. If you have problems with redness in the face and none of the lighter neutral or warm tones are working I honestly think Fairly Medium would still work, only because the coolness of this foundation is very subtle.

Like I mentioned before, I have ALWAYS been a neutral/warm girl. BUT because the pink undertones in this foundation hardly stand out I am definitely loving it!

That's it for this quick little post on my new foundation shade. Hope you enjoyed!
Have a lovely day.- Shelbey


  1. I love this shade! Fairly Medium was matched for me at a BE boutique. SO glad BE carries this shade. It's that perfect in-between color. I swear most makeup brands assume that cool-toned = Snow White pale, which is NOT true. Fairly Medium is fantastic!!!

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