Love, Shelbey: First Impression: Bare Minerals "Stroke of Light" & Correcting Concealer

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Impression: Bare Minerals "Stroke of Light" & Correcting Concealer

 Stroke of Light & Correcting SPF 20 Concealer
Hi everyone! We just received the latest product from Bare Escentuals at the boutique I work at! I wanted to share with you my thoughts, first impression, and swatches of these two items. Stroke of Light is a liquid eye brightener that is designed to increase the luminousity around the eye area. The Correcting Concealer is a creamy concealer that includes SPF 20 in the formula. I will be doing a separate blog on the full review of these products (staying power, color match, wearability etc.) Hope you enjoy!

Stroke of Light in "Luminous 1":

Luminous 1 is a pink undertoned brightener. This shade in particular works well with cool (C) undertoned foundations such as (Fair, Fairly Medium, and Medium). I have to say that even though the name indicates it would be a lighter shade, the pink undertone gives it a slightly darker tint than Luminous 2. If you like the pinker shades then I would definitely recommend Luminous 1! 

Luminous 2:

Luminous 2 is more of a neutral to olive undertoned brightener. This is the shade I chose for my skin. I switch back and forth from Light (w15) to Fairly Medium (c20) foundations. I really think that this shade will be a best seller. It provides the perfect amount of brightenss with a more natural undertone. I also wanted to mention that these eye brighteners are extremely blendable and a little goes a long way with them! I would recommend this shade for lighter to medium skin tones.

Luminous 3:

Luminous 3 is the darkest shade we recieved at the boutique. There is a Luminous 4 for darker skin tones but we were unable to receive it at this time. Luminous 3 has more of a warmer undertone to me. I would recommend this shade for tanner skin tones such as (Medium Tan or Golden Tan). You generally want your under-eye products to be a shade lighter than what you are so it can give the luminous effect.

SPF Correcting Concealer in "Light 1 & Light 2":
Light 1

These concealers are super creamy and velvety, I absolutely love the texture! Light 1 and Light 2 are the two fairest shades you can choose from out of the collection. Light 1 is a cool undertoned concealer so it has the pink undertone that would pair great with the Luminous 1 eye brightener or cool undertoned foundations in general. Light 2 is a warm undertoned concealer which means it has more of the yellow tint in it. I chose this concealer for my skin type because I often wear Light (w15) foundation. However, Light 2 would pair great with any light foundation shade ranging from Fairly Light to Fairly Medium. 
Light 2
Medium 1 & Medium 2:

Medium 1

Medium 1 has a more neutral to olive undertone and would pair great with Medium Beige foundation. Medium 2, as you can probably see, is definitely a warm undertone with a yellow/gold tint. This shade would go great with Golden Medium Foundation.

Medium 2

Tan 2 & Dark 2:

Tan 2
 I was really expecting Tan 2 to be a darker shade than what it really is. It was hard for me to describe the undertone of Tan 2 but I believe it does have more of a golden undertone rather than a neutral or cool. Of course, this shade would also pair well with a Golden Tan foundation. Dark 2 is definitely a warm undertoned concealer. This color is perfect for correcting dark spots and blemishes for darker skin tones (Deep, Dark, Warm Deep etc.)

Dark 2

Overall, I am very excited to try these two BRAND NEW products from BE. I hope you guys enjoyed the swatches and look forwward for a full review and pictures on how they worked with my daily routine!

Have a lovely day. -Shelbey


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