Love, Shelbey: Summer Skin Care: Bare Minerals

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Skin Care: Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals NEW Summer Skin Care Line

Bare Escentuals has recently came out with various summer skin care products to not only enrich your skin, but also PROTECT it! I've currently been using the products listed above for over a month now and I have been quite impressed.

Advanced Protection SPF 20 (Sheer Tint) Moisturizer $30
This summer released moisturizer from BE is PERFECT for those hot summer days when makeup just doesn't stand a chance against the heat. Not only does the moisturizer protect your face from the hot rays, it also provides your skin with a fresh dewy tint so you don't feel COMPLETELY naked. Another reason I am in love with this product is color pay off and consistency. I was shocked to see how pigmented the moisturizer was (I was a little scared at first considering I only wear Light (W15) foundation) However, it blended into my skin flawlessly! The Sheer Tint Moisturizers are available in Normal to Dry skin & Combination skin. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for the perfect tinted moisturizer!

Advanced Protection SPF 20 Moisturizer $30
After I have raved about the Sheer Tint Moisturizers I'm sure some people are thinking "Tinted moisturizers just aren't for me." Well, if that's the case then BE has the solution! They also offer original SPF 20 moisturizers without a tint. The same concept applies though! These still offer GREAT protection from the sun and still are available in Normal to Dry & Combination Skin!

Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment $35
Let's face it...after months of harsh wind and cold weather our skin is masked by that overwhelming dull look. After trying these pads my skin has seen the light! This BE invention has been close to my favorite skin care product ever released! First of all let me mention that each product listed is infused with BE's amazing ActiveSoil Complex which I believe is their secret to genius skin care for women all around the world. These little pads are powered by the ActiveSoil Complex and contain intense vitamins and minerals to help produce the cell turn-over in the skin. Over time your skin will also increase in luminosity, firmness, and texture. Each pad is designed with a smooth side and textured side for a more "intense" experience. I use both sides during my skin care routine. I only use these little babies 3-4 times a week because they work so well! My skin looks so even and smooth after using these for almost a month now. I love how they brighten my complexion and leave my skin feeling invigorated. I highly recommend these!

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