Love, Shelbey: Philosophy Cosmetics at Big Lots for $3?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Philosophy Cosmetics at Big Lots for $3?!

$3 Dollar Philosophy HAUL
Seriously? Walked into my Big Lots on Monday to find 100% GENUINE Philosophy makeup on display for ONLY 3 dang dollars! I watch A LOT of beauty channels and read beauty blogs but somehow I missed this. I literally went HAM when I saw this. I picked up one of everything I could find. Yes, the majority of these products are discontinued...but you would be a fool to even think that matters. I purchased 10 items for a little over $30 ($3 a piece...duh). That is almost the price of one Philosophy palette sold alone for regular price!?

Anyways, hit up your Big Lots for Philosophy & if they don't have any in... be a vast predator week after week stalking the beauty sections and register displays.

Keep It Real Big L....Keep It Real.

Have a Lovely Day - Shelbey

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