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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nails of the Day: Revlon

Revlon "Nails" It!
These two gorgeous colors ("Flirt" to your right/"Sparkling" to your left) by Revlon not only astonished me with the beautiful colors, but also the drying/applying ability as well!

Application- These were probably the most smooth applying polishes I have ever used. At first sight I noticed "Flirt" (Solid pick polish) was a bit on the thin side. However, the color payoff for first coat was impressive. After applying the second coat of "Flirt" I was thrilled with the result. This color provides a light pink base with blue undertones, almost making it appear purple. As for the "Sparkling" polish, I really enjoyed that it contained more than one size of glitter flexes. The glitter definitely pops with that second large glitter flex on the nail. I would definitely recommend layering 3 coats instead of two (like I did) for the full glitter experience. I did want mine to be a bit on the lighter side though. The application process took me maybe 7 minutes. I was done in no time!

Drying- I did apply a very thick top coat to both polish colors. This did NOT stop the formula from drying quickly. I almost immediately was able to pick up my camera and begin shooting pictures for this blog. Of course they weren't fully dry "instantly" BUT it only took around 12 minutes for the formula to become completely hard. A+ for Revlon's "Sparkling" and "Flirt"!

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Have a lovely day - Shelbey

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