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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bare Minerals: Wanderlust Rainforest Collection

Curious to See the Colors in This Collection?

As a part of Bare Escentuals new spring/summer collection, they have released some GREAT new kits. One of the most recent I have picked up is the Wanderlust: Rainforest Collection 6 piece kit. This kit retails for $49 dollars and has a $104 dollar value. It has plenty of makeup essentials for your every day looks or BE collection! I have to say this kit is PERFECT for those summer time vacations/get-aways!

The kit includes:
-a cute travel size makeup bag
-1 loose mineral eye shadow in the color "Untamed"
-1 loose mineral blush in the color "Enchanted"
-Primetime for eyes eye shadow in the color "Shimmering Shell"
-1new "Round the Clock" waterproof eye liner in the color "10 AM" 
-a 100% natural lip gloss 
-Dual ended tapered brush and crease brush

Travel Makeup Bag

This compact bag is the perfect size for travel. It has a white floral print with an accenting green background. The inital material for the print is canvas-like. However, it does have a plastic coating. The bag is also large enough to hold your other makeup essentials (foundation, primer, mascara etc.) This bag is a perfect edition to the kit!

Loose Mineral Eye Shadow in "Untamed"

My inital reaction to this certain color was that it wasn't a very wearable color (for me anyways). This is a dark charcoal colored shadow with blue undertones. After swatching the color I felt a little better. The shadow doesn't come off extremely blue. It is almost a Gunmetal shade. It is perfect for creating a soft and subtle smokey effect. However, I will say to be careful...this color IS messy!

Loose Mineral Blush in "Enchanted"

If you're looking for a an everyday wearable blush, this is it! I was extremely excited when I saw the true color of the blush on my skin. The color is really similar to Bare Escentuals blush in "Thistle" and "Hint" it is almost like a mixture of the two (if you're familiar with those shades). One thing I would have really liked to see instead of the loose blush is one of BE's new solid READY blushes. However, with a shade like "Enchanted" you can't really go wrong.

Primetime Eye Lid (Shadow) Primer in "Shimmering Shell"

All I can say is BROWNIE POINTS for this color! I'm not a huge fan or the primer shadows mainly because I find that they crease in my lid and the colors can tend to be over-powering. This color called "Shimmering Shell" is amazing! It goes on very sheer and sparkly with a hint of peachy sheen color. I have built up the color in the photo above so you can see it's full potential. I'm absolutely in love with this primer shadow! 

Round the Clock Waterproof Eye Liner in "10 AM"

As part of BE's new eye liner collection they have created eye "pencils" instead of their old liners which were retractable. I am still getting used to the new pencils. I was glad to see a unique color eye liner in the kit other than black. "10 AM" is a gorgeous moss green color with some gold undertones. The new Round the Clock waterproof eye liner is very creamy and easy to smudge. The water resistance of it is great as well!

100% Natural Lip Gloss

. This is your classic sheer lipgloss that can be paired with any look. I mentioned in my YouTube Haul that I would have liked to seen a more matte lip gloss rather than the regular sheer shimmer. This color is extremely similar to BE's 100% Natural Lip Gloss in "Wild Honey" and "Sugar Cookie". Like I said though, perfect paired with anything!

Dual Ended Shadow Brush (Tapered end & Crease end)

One of my favorite things about Bare Escentual kits are the brushes included! A lot of times you will find that these brushes are only limited to kits and aren't sold seperately. I like to get my hands on them when I can! I'm not exactly sure if this particular brush is sold seperately though. The crease definiting brush by BE is my all time FAVORITE brush. It definitely added to my decision to pick up this kit. The tapered end is perfect for getting precise color on the lid while the crease fits perfectly to define the eye. Love this brush!

I highly recommend this kit for anyone looking to try something new or for those ladies that are "on-the-go". The Rainforest collection provides a perfect balance of neutrals AND colors!

You can pick up this kit at your local Bare Escentuals store OR visit

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day. - Shelbey


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